this took us a little while but, here it is!! the persona 3 mbti chart made by me and marmar!!

we had a lot of fun discussing who would be what and she had a lot of fun making the graphics, so we hope you enjoy it at least! they may not be 100% accurate and you may disagree, but we’re happy with what we decided for everyone.

* in regards to the protags, we chose what we thought fit best based on interpretation of them! that’s all.

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The selfie thing


The selfie thing

Artist: Shoji Meguro
Track: "Iwatodai Station"


this is the worst song in the world and you know every single beat

Persona 3: Primary Colors


I’ve been waiting for this!


You will be given one year; go forth without falter, with your heart as your guide.
—Persona 3 Portable.


Personies for AX ^_____T

Florida Supercon 2014 cosplays (1/?)

Makishima // Naruko & Toudou // Takao

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